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30 janv. 2024 Chrysalide


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To the Management
Tel: 452 55 09





To ensure safety of the residents as per policies of Chrysalide which is located at Bambous.

- To ensure effective services of the organization at night
- To assist beneficiaries in their care

Skills required:

-Patience and ability to remain calm
- A desire to help people
- Mature and leadership skills



Main purpose of the job:

To monitor and facilitate rehabilitation processes through social and behavioral learning inherent to TC Method in conjunction with different institutions and services.


- Ensures first contact and implements initial actions as per established welcoming and greeting procedures.

- Ensures assessment and collects data through a one - to - one meeting and as per established and standardized procedures with beneficiaries and family:

  • Support and care needs
  • Risks to themselves, staff and the current resident group
  • Medical and health needs
  • Social assistance

- Treatment monitoring and follow up

Skills required:

Mentoring, Counselling, Communication, Interpersonal, Problem - solving, Creativity, Teamwork.
Knowledge of psychology is an advantage.


 3. Carer

Main purpose of the job:
The carer will ensure smooth running of the Kids corner at the centre located at Bambous.

To ensure effective services of the Kids corner. It includes basic care, education and socialization of the beneficiaries.

Skills required:
A desire to help people Patience Qualification in nursery will be an advantage





Deadline : 14 February 2024


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