Living with Endometriosis


To Raise Awareness
To Educate
To Provide Support and Advice
To Foster Inclusive Workplaces….
…about Living with Endometriosis

Numéro d'accréditation auprès du National Social Inclusion FoundationApplication in Process with NSIF. BRN: A18000136 Registrar of Association - Registration nos: 15382

Talks to public, media (radio, TV and written press) awareness interventions, awareness talks in colleges and university of Mauritius, support group meetings, whatsapp support group, counselling and advice, corporate talks and research projetcs/publications.


All public, women suffering from endometriosis, adolescentes, university students, and workplaces

Founded and registered in December 2017, and started activities in March 2018.

Our Objectives: To raise awareness of endometriosis and its impact on an individual’s life among the general public; To educate adolescent girls about endometriosis; To provide support, advice and information to women suffering from endometriosis; To collaborate with the business community to foster inclusive and supportive workplaces for women with endometriosis and promote related research projects

Talk in ‘Workshop to brainstorm on strategies to increase fertility among young couples’ organised by MoH.
Awareness talks in over 20 women centres around the country, with the support of the National Women’s Council, the Ministry of Gender, and the Ministry of Health.
Awareness campaigns in the media (TV and Radio).
Articles in local press
Social media communication through the Facebook page: Living with Endometriosis Mauritius.
FB live during Covid lockdown
MFDC video/movie with interviews of sufferers, and a gynaecologist.
Speech at the Endometriosis conference organised by FormaCare
Participation to MoH campaign.
Participation to Defi Caravane de Sante

Awareness and educational talks in colleges BPS, MGI and Loretto Convent Curepipe
Awareness and educational talk at the University of Mauritius

Bi-monthly support group meetings with women suffering from Endometriosis.
Whatsapp group for continuous support to women and families living with Endometriosis.
Endometriosis Day Workshop – 26 March 2022 [Launched by Dr K.Jagutpal – Minister MoH] Themes: Endometriosis and Fertility; Endometriosis and Public Healthcare Institutions Services.
Advice on workplace issues with support of MoL
Support group meeting with Dr C.Gaud, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Health and Wellness, in April 2023.

Talks in companies accopanied by gynaecologists – Mautourco, Consolidated Fabrics Ltd, Le Meridien hotel, Westin hotel, FRCI, MCB, Avantor, HSBC, GSA, FSC, Scott Ltd, etc.
Support UoM students doing dissertations on Endometriosis related research problems.
Research article published with UoM researchers at the Faculty of Medicine
"Learning to live with endometriosis: Findings from a phenomenological study among women in Mauritius, a state in the Indian Ocean", International Journal of Africa Nursing Sciences, Volume 17, 2022.

Mostly founding members donate sufficient income to match expenses incurred by the Association with regard to the organisation of awareness campaigns and counselling sessions. We also look for sponsors/donors to fund our projects, e.g. Scott Ltd.

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  • Président
    Mrs Subhuluxmi Vencatachellum (Vanessa)
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    Lot 327, Rue des Petunias, Morcellement Montreal, Coromandel

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BRN: A18000136; Registrar of Association - Registration nos: 15382;
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