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13 févr. 2024 Movement Force Vives Quartier EDC Rose-Belle

Contact: Joelle Begue

Accounts Clerk

Job Vacancy:
Account Clerk

Kulpoo Lane, Rose Belle

Mouvement Forces Vives

Job Type:

Minimum 2 years of accounting experience

About Us:
"Atelier Sa Nou Vize (Mouvement Forces Vives, Quartier E.D.C., Rose Belle)’’ is a nurturing and innovative nursery committed to providing a safe and stimulating environment for young children.
We focus on early childhood development, creativity, and holistic learning.
We are currently seeking a dedicated Account Clerk (Part-Time) to join our team.

Job Overview:
We are looking for an experienced and detail-oriented Account Clerk to manage financial transactions and records on a part-time basis.
The ideal candidate will play a crucial role in maintaining accurate financial data for our nursery.

Key Responsibilities:
- Record and reconcile financial transactions.
- Prepare financial reports and statements.
- Assist in budgeting and financial planning.
- Process invoices and payments.

29 February 2024

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