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Safe spaces activities such as Outings, Emergency Shelter, Gatherings, Residential Conference | Sensitization on HIV/AIDS through Peer to Peer Approach | Training on different issues such as Personal Developmental Course | Leadership and Human Rights and Access to Services among others | Case Management

Numéro d'accréditation auprès du National CSR CommitteeNCSRF/2017/0474

YQA provides various services: Education, empowerment and sensitization | Psycho-social counselling and case management HIV/AIDS and STIs prevention | Safe spaces and emergency sheltering (emergency sheltering for LBT women and girls only) | Advocacy and litigation



Founded on the 1st February 2014 – a date where Mauritius commemorates the Abolition of Slavery –YQA was officially registered on the 1st September 2014 after a successful complaint at the Equal Opportunities Commission about homophobic attitudes from authorities. Within these few years of existence, through advocacy, activism and field interventions on various legal, social, policy making and health matters, coupled with a strong networking among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) youth and other stakeholders, YQA has positioned itself as a reference in the struggle for equality in the Republic of Mauritius for the LGBTQI community at large and for local and regional actors.

The Young Queer Alliance is dedicated to advance human rights and youth empowerment in the Republic of Mauritius with a focus on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression. YQA seeks at empowering youth for them to promote equality and be leaders of change. For this, our main pillars of action are: 1.Empowering Individuals 2.Promoting Acceptance And Celebrating Diversity 3.Reclaiming And Changing Laws

Advocacy works and changing laws/policies:
The YQA has since its creation worked towards lifting blood donation ban on homosexuals and bisexuals through a case at the Equal Opportunities Commission. We have also filled a case to ensure registration of the organisation by the State. In 2014, the YQA was subsequently registered. Also, end 2014, the YQA won the blood donation case at the EOC. The YQA, with the support of the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) attended the 21 st Session at the United Nations Human Rights Committee with objective to have recommendations about non-discrimination of LGBT persons by the state, protection from hate, decriminalisation of Sodomy and recognition of marriage equality or civil partnership. We submitted a report beforehand that was admitted to the committee.

Research and publications:
The YQA has also been engaging in research as means to have evidence-based information in advancing its objectives. We published two barometers on LGBTI and politics in Mauritius as well as conducted a research on the socio-economic conditions of LGBTQIA in Mauritius.

Since 2015, under the Global Fund programme, through funding from PILS, the YQA does outreach work with young MSM on HIV sensitisation, condom and lube distribution and referrals since HIV is a concentrated epidemic targeting mostly Commercial Sex Workers, Injecting Drug Users and Men who have Sex with Men. In 2017 alone, the YQA employed a coordinating officer, outreach workers and peer educators to meet the objectives of around 730 young MSM reached through peer-to-peer sensitisation interventions, 5,000 condoms distributed for free, and some 4,750 lube packets for free. The YQA has also developed a playing card game to be used by our volunteers and peer educators to engage beneficiaries in responsive and interactive ways of sensitisation on HIV, SRH and LGBTI matters.

Emergency sheltering, case management and social support:
The YQA supports Gender Links in running Safe Haven Halfway Home which is a shelter for young women and girls. The shelter accommodates some 9 young girls of which 4 are lesbian; all for a period of 1-2 years depending on the case. Furthermore, the YQA has provided shelter to one gay person for a duration of 3 months until the refugee could find a job and a safe place to be at. Additionally, the YQA provides for counselling services, case management, and reconciliation of young LGBT to their families and immediate spaces to ensure their well-being.

Media interventions:
The YQA has recently launched its website which reaches some 1,000 visitors per day. The website is informative one sharing news about the organisations’ work and other pertinent information, shares information on the YQA and its structure, gives an indication of events that the YQA will hold, has a resource centre with publications and showcases a services map having a number of youth and LGBTIA friendly places where people can have specific services.

1. PILS (under Global Fund)
2. ViiV Healthcare (Positive Action)
3. OutRight Action International
4. Local Volunteer Donations
5. Membership

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