The Trevor Huddleston Association for the disabled


Education, training, care for children with disabilities and learning difficulties.

Numéro d'accréditation auprès du National CSR CommitteeN./1255

Founded in Mauritius in 1982 to care for disabled trainees connected to Craft-Aid Mauritius and the Anglican Diocesan social work Rose-Hill. In 2004, the seat of the association and all the activities were transfered totally to Rodrigues. Today, the association is responsible for the Gonzague Pierre-Louis Special Learning Centre, Camp du Roi.

To offer quality education, training and care to children with disabilities and learning difficulties in Rodrigues and to lead them to social and economic independence as far as possible.

The Gonzague Pierre Louis Special Learning Centre in Rodrigues runs daily (in term time) learning session for 45 children, 15 whom are in the Pre-Primary Department.
An audio-diagnostic department for the hearing impaired.
A daily canteen and social care (clothing and foodstuffs).

International Help, private sector and the Association "Enfance et Partage"

Nombre de bénéficiaires : 45 children at present


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  • Président
    Susan Auguste
  • Responsable
    Paul Draper
Structure légale et d'enregistrement
Enregistrée en 1982
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