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Communities are only as strong as their members.  In this respect, in 2016, Soleil de l’Ouest developed the Strong Families, Stronger Communities Programme.  The Programme includes various activities that are directly correlated to strengthen the family unit, and help them contribute to a stronger community.

Health and Care : 

Mental health

> Family counselling;
> social workers.

Soleil de l’Ouest has a family counsellor and three social workers who provide psychosocial support to families affected by mental health issues, family violence and alcohol and other drugs (AOD).  Using à systemic approach, our psychosocial team help individuals and families identify their existing strength and capacities, and develop the tools necessary for their development.


Physical health

> Social workers (linking to existing services)
> Full medical check up for children in grade 1
> Bac gardening and nutrition workshops
> Sports and leisure activities

The communities covered by Soleil de l’Ouest often do not have geographical, financial, social or emotional access to existing services (including medical services).  Our social workers and volunteers support vulnerable community members by giving them access to health and social services.  This can come in the form of:

> Physical access – social workers accompanying community members to the hospital, social security, protection services…. Children having full medical check-ups from paediatrician;
> Social access – ensuring that community members are receiving the services that they are owed.

As well as holding nutrition workshops for parents, to improve physical health in the region, Soleil de l’Ouest is also providing community members access to sports and leisure activities that promote health.  These include zumba and yoga for women, and dance classes for adolescents.

Community Development

Soleil de l’Ouest has developed the Reflection Partage Parent (RPP) programme :  A programme of 8 sessions that gives parents a platform to reflect and discuss issues affecting their lives, and develop the tools to address these issues.  Following the RPP in Le Morne village, parents were able to develop a Parents Club, and with support from Soleil de l’Ouest, are now developing their own activities.



To support sustainable development and improve economic empowerment in the region, Soleil de l’Ouest concentrates on improving learning and education withing the five villages.  We do this through an « Accompagnement Scolaire » and an English teacher for adolescents.

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    Contact Secrétariat : Mme Joanna Huguette Louis - 5 890-7710

  • Centre Geraldo Verloppe,
    Chemin L'Église Stella Maris,
    Royal Road,
    Le Morne Village 

Numéro d'accréditation auprès du National CSR CommitteeNCSRF/2017/0444

Psychosocial support :

  • Family counselling ;
  • Active listening ;
  • Linking to existing services

Health and care :

  • Linking to existing health services ;
  • Referral and access to private medical consultation (including psychiatrict support)
  • Sports and leisure activities for women and adolescents (zumba, yoga and dance classes)
  • Nutrition (including home gardening)

Development and education:

  • Reflection et Partage Parents – 8 sessions to provide parents the space to reflect on issues affecting their lives, and develop the necessary tools and resources to address these issues.
  • Accompagnement scolaire ; and
  • English lessons for adolescents.





Approximately 119 persons living in difficult situations.


Soleil de L’Ouest was created in 2011.  Since its creation, the Organisation has developed and implemented various projects and programmes to alleviate poverty and encourage the social integration of some of the most vulnerable individuals and communities in Mauritius. The regions covered by Soleil de l’Ouest include the villages of Chamarel, Case Noyale, La Gaulette, CotteauRafin and Le Morne Village. 

The area is home to some of the most “at risks” communities in Mauritius. In the Government’s 2011 Relative Development Index, Le Morne village was ranked last (at 145th place), meaning that it is the LEAST developed village in Mauritius. Case Noyale was ranked 143rd, just ahead of Le Morne Village and Rodrigues Island, while the village of Chamarel was ranked 136th. Three of the four villages (Cotteau Raffin was included as part of La Gaulette) in our region were ranked in the last 10 developed villages in Mauritius. The area suffers from low education levels, food insecurity, poor physical and mental health, and high socioeconomic issues such as drugs, alcohol, domestic violence and child abuse. Women and children are usually the first victims of these acts of violence in the region, and are in need of urgent support. Factors that may contribute to domestic violence include:

  1. Trans-generational patterns of violence, low self-esteem and mental health issues. This pattern may only be addressed and broken through activities that combine community based development initiatives, with ongoing psychosocial support; and
  2. Unstable employment of many community members who face food insecurity on a daily basis.

To respond to this growing problem of violence within the family unit, in 2016 Soleil de l’Ouest developed the Strong Families, Stronger Communities Programme.

Reduce poverty and alleviate human suffering in some of the most vulnerable groups in the communities of Le Morne Village, Cotteau Raffin, La Gaulette, Case Noyale and Chamarel by:

  • Empowering individuals and families to become leaders in the development of their own communities;
  • Strengthening the family unit through psychosocial support; and
  • Improving physical and mental health in the community.
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