​Building a Mauritius where our children have the right to be healthy and lead a fulfilling life.


  • To cater for activities and platforms that will empower children/youth in achieving the full physical, social and mental potentials
  • To strive for the upliftment of vulnerable groups specially women and children for sustainable and inclusive development
  • To equip underprivileged women with necessary skills so as to enhance their quality of life and wellness through self-esteem development
Numéro d'accréditation auprès du National CSR CommitteeNSIF/2020/002

Eradicating absolute poverty
- 1.1.Remedial education
- 1.2. Counseling support for children
 -1.3 field work
- 1.4 motivational talks and sensitization campaigns

Women empowerment
- 1.1 psychosocial support for women in distress
- 1.2 counseling
- 1.3 women scheme training support program
- 1.4 literacy and numeracy skills

Youth empowerment
- 1.1 sensitization campaigns
- 1.2 club networking
- 1.3 boot camping

Education and guidance
- 1.1 educational support
Access to education is no longer enough.
​Shreeji is working hard to build strong foundations at the lower levels of the system to ensure that all children acquire confidence in their learning abilities such that they will succeed at the higher levels of the system, and be prepared to enter a competitive job-market with a respect and thirst for knowledge that will maintain them throughout their life.


Children aged 5 to 17 years old living in the location of Tombeau Bay
Total: 251 children up to now
Families: 126 up to now

In 2016, a group of volunteers decided to address social issues affecting child psycho-social development owing to high rate of juvenile delinquency, crime, street children and school drop-outs in Baie du Tombeau.
A number of stakeholders meetings were conducted, namely on 6th February where the police, Village Counsels and community workers teamed up to establish a common platform, which eventually came to be known as Shree Ji (Mauritius).
In its endeavour to empower children & youth, Shree Jiprovided free tuition in March 2016.
Shree-Ji also provides children with clothes, shoes, books and toys.
It is important to ensure that every child and young person has access to quality education regardless of their background;
Shree Ji has now started to serve hot meals (lunch) for the children.
As Shree Ji evolved, it realised that behind each child’s suffering, there is a poor mother suffering as well and thus Shree Ji now advocated for women & children empowerment under a single umbrella.

The organization was founded in year 2016 and officially registered as a Non-Governmental Organization in year 2017.
Shreeji mainly operates in the region of Tombeau Bay (Baie du Tombeau) and works in close collaboration with Government, NGOs and CSR bodies.

Current Area of intervention: Cite Longere Cite tole

  • To promote and improve access to health and education among children, youth, women living in the location of tombeau bay
  • To improve livelihoods among poor, vulnerable, and disadvantaged children, youth, women, families and communities in tombeau bay
  • To promote and improve food security, nutrition and household incomes through increased productivity and market oriented farming / businesses among women.
  • Academic / Moral Values / Life skills program (2017- 2019)
    Target: 282 children
  • Educational Support (2016 up to now)
    - ongoing
  • Pedagogical activities through arts, crafts, painting, drawing, music, and drama arts (2017 to now)
  • Children Rights, care and advocacy campaign in 2018- 2019 with the collaboration with forces vive, church, and leaders in the community.
  • Counselling and family therapy:
    - “Ecole des Parents” launched in 2019
  • Gender empowerment started with 25 Women
  • (Ongoing) Annual Boot Camps
  • NSIF
  • Public collection
  • Private companies donation
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    Violences basées sur le genre : « Koupab » : un film pour sensibiliser
    16 déc. 2021
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  • Président
    Rakesh Rothianaiko
  • Responsable
    Preetila Jumungall
  • Adresse

    Cite longere, 49 Baie du Tombeau

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