Salesian Missionaries Des Marie Immaculee


Salesian Home is officially registered since 2011, and welcomes residents living with disabilities since 15th July 2018.

  • 632 0802, 632 0270, 5 960 8698

  • Salesian home
    La barrack road
    Riviere Des Anguilies

Numéro d'accréditation auprès du National CSR CommitteeN 16/16
  • Physiotherapy once a week
  • Vannerie, poterie 3 days per week
  • Zumba 2 days per week
  • Speech therapy once a week
  • Psychologist va week
  • Counsellor in-house - 7/24


20 adults living with disabilities

Upon our arrival in 2003, we started to visit the families in our parish around Rivière Des Anguilles, Batimarais, Camp Diable, and other vulnerable places. We tried at first to help old people and persons with disabilities since Sister Maria had worked 18 years in Belgium in a center for disabled people and was interested to do something for this vulnerable group of society here in Mauritius. 
We began searching for funds and for an adequate place to start our project of a residential home care for persons with disabilities. In 2013, the construction began and it took 5 years to get this project going. 

  • To provide utmost care to people with disabilities, provide them physiotherapy and speech therapy to develop and help to increase their physical mobility and help them to express their views and feelings like any one of us.
  • To engage them on different programs aiming to develop their competencies and help them gain self-esteem by feeling useful to society. 
  • Renovation of the sheet houses for 25 families in Batimarais (ongoing)
  • Garden project for 25 families
  • Adult literacy classes for the persons in Batimarais who face the problem of illeteracy
  • Egg rearing projects for 50 families
  • Sponsoring the poor students of Batimarais as well as Rivière Des Anguilles 
  • Donations
  • CSR Funds
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  • Président
    Sister Maria Goretti
  • Responsable
    Sister Mereena julia
  • Adresse

    Salesian home
    La barrack road
    Riviere Des Anguilies

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