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Rehabilitation & Reintegration Projects

Brick By Brick Petit Verger Prison
A holistic construction-focused reintegration project that provides masonry training, development of employability skills and individualised support in addressing criminogenic factors as well as support needs, both pre-release and post-release.
We connect trainees that have been released to job opportunities in the community and provide them with opportunities to live a crime-free life.

Brick By Brick Rodrigues Prison
Similar in focus to the Brick By Brick project in Mauritius - this project is more focused on pre-release skills development in the field of construction while also connecting trainees to local forms of post-release support.
This project also includes the capacity building of two prison officers in masonry training.

Prevention Projects

Inspir Mwa
A programme which empowers young people to uncover their aspirations, learn how to develop goals, identify obstacles to overcome, and work towards creating a future that is inspiring and motivating.
Due to Covid-19, this has also been adapted into an online programme utilising WhatsApp and online multimedia resources.

Cultivating Communities
A collaborative series of 1-day workshops with Farmcity, a learning farm, where we worked with at-risk young people to explore various social and environmental issues affecting them and their communities. Based on their learning during the day, as groups they developed their own ideas for addressing crime, drugs and other social issues in their communities.

Numéro d'accréditation auprès du National CSR CommitteeCSRF/2019/0042
  • Prisoner reintegration services (project-based)
  • Youth projects geared towards personal development and careers advice
  • Capacity building training for other organisations


Who do we serve?
The community, ex-offenders, prisoners, individuals at risk of offending, victims of crime, staff/students and other stakeholders.

Not A Number was founded in 2017. The NGO was created in response to the needs that were identified while conducting research at the Correctional Youth Centre. Since 2017, the NGO has run events, training and projects focused on the rehabilitation as well as reintegration of detainees and related to crime prevention at a community level.

Our Vision:
A safe world with an optimal environment for human potential to flourish.

Our Mission:
To contribute to a safer society through empowerment and innovation.

Developing and delivering projects focused on crime prevention and resettlement.
Providing a platform that brings together the variety of stakeholders involved in reducing crime through innovative events, training and collaborative initiatives. Using this platform to further dialogue, debate and pursuit of best practice.
Creating tools and resources to support more effective work within the criminal justice sector.

Brick By Brick Projects (Mauritius + Rodrigues):

- 30 trainees successfully completed the construction training
- 18 in Mauritius and 12 in Rodrigues (including 2 prison officers - Rodrigues)
- post-release stat (Mauritius ONLY): 12 out of 16 released participants have found employment
- 10 in the construction field and 2 in other sectors.

Inspir Mwa Projects
- approx. 40 young people completed the programme so far.

Corporate Support

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