Mental Health Federation


Réseau de 18 ONG oeuvrant pour les personnes souffrant de déficiences intellectuelles.

Parmi les ONG affiliées : 

Friends in hope, Association Dominique Savio, Mauritius Childcare Society, Handicapped and mental health boys scouts and girls guide, EWAD, APEIM, APRIM, Mauritius Psychiatric Association, Century Welfare Association, APSA, Southern Handicapped Association, Moka Mentally Disabled, Fondaton Georges Charles, S.E.N.S, Cypress Handicapped Association, AGIC, CEPEH, OpenMind

Numéro d'accréditation auprès du National CSR CommitteeN/1159
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  • Promotion of mental Health
  • Networking
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  • Fundraising

Mental Health Federation is a voluntary non govenment organisation, non profit making established in 2002 and registered with the Registrar of Associations in October 2005.
There are 18 associations which are Members and are affiliated to the Federation. while each associations is autonomous, it shares the objectives and the mission of the Mental Health Federation. They participate actively in the projects and the activities organised by the Federation.

  • To promote the welfare of the mentally ill persons
  • To protect the rights of the mentally ill an their families and to ensure that they are treated humanely and with dignity
  • To organise educational and awareness program with a view to eliminate the stigma attached the mental illness
  • To organise social activities for the benefit of one and all
  • To do such acts that are conducive to the attainment of the above objects including fund raising
  • To promote positive mental health and eliminate the stigma attached to mental illnesses and impairments
  • To promote the critical need to bring mental health care to a higher level of importance

Corporates, public and private companies which subscribe to the objectives of the Mental Health Federation are welcome to join as sponsors of the Mental Health Federation. 

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  • Président
    DR t. Ramkusalsingh
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    8, d'Artois Street, Port-Louis

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