JCI Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill


JCI Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill has 4 main areas of opportunities, namely community projects, personal development, trainings and networking possibilities

Numéro d'accréditation auprès du National CSR CommitteeN/1619

JCI is non profit organisation which works towards creating positive change in society and tackling the various problems within our community. Our mission is to provide development opportunities to young people that enable them to create positive change.


JCI Beau-Bassin Rose-Hill currently has 25 members.

JCI Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill was founded in 1994 and has been very active in the region of Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill.

JCI Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill has done projects in many fields, however during the past years our main focus has been entrepreneurship and unemployment. We wish to create positive changes is society by encouraging the youth to be more active within the community.

2 Job fairs in the Region of Barkly in 2015 and 2017. JCI Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill also aims to reduce unemployment and poverty through its project ''Anprann Lans ou prop bizness'' where people are empowered on the various aspects of creating and managing a business. The main target is people at grassroot level.


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  • Président
    Philip Chang-ko
  • Responsable
    Philip Chang-ko
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    53B, Avenue Goyaviers, Quatre-Bornes

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JCI Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill is registered at the registrar of Associations
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