Fondation pour L'enfance - Terre de Paix


Provide child-friendly parents and community-related services to the most vulnerable children in Mauritius.


Numéro d'accréditation auprès du National CSR CommitteeN/1054

The association was founded some 30 years ago to provide relief to persons facing various types of hardships in society. The Fondation pour L’Enfance Terre de Paix grew up to meet the felt needs of people. In this process, the action, which is now more focused on children in the context of the family, gathered both momentum and respect from larger society.
Today, the action of the association remains in line with its original aim: to combat poverty and its resulting consequences on the most vulnerable groups of society, particularly children, in a non-discriminatory way through the child's rights approach.
Registration Year of the NGO: 1989
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  • Carry out child care activities in a secular and non-discriminatory way and in line with existing laws and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child;
  • Provide alternative care services, in the best interest of the child and in collaboration with biological parents and relatives whenever possible
    (a) of a residential nature in ways conducive to the overall development of children, especially through the setting-up of family-type structures for young children and youth homes.
    (b) Of a non-residential nature through the setting-up of appropriate creative and cultural and educational pre-school structures, and appropriate creative and cultural educational, pre-vocational and vocational structures for children who are out of the mainstream system of education and training.
  • Engage in networking activities with other Non-Governmental Organisations, the government and other stakeholders in the furtherance of the objects of the Association.
  • Raise and apply funds to meet the objects of the association;
  • Provide training in child care through the development and implementation of appropriate programmes.

Main projects services provided and achievements

1. Running of group foster families as an alternative mode of residential care for children who have been removed from hostile families and environments. 8 such units can welcome 50 children at any one time.

2. Running of an alternative structure of education and training for children (atelier du savoir) – 79 children who have barely been to school, left school at an early age, are mainstream school drop outs and children who depicting uncontrollable behavioral problems in at the mainstream. An outreach programme is provided to 35 children in regions such as Camp levieux, Barkly and Albion.

3.  Support to 25 needy families through a food aid programme

4. Direct intervention at a primary school, Camp Levieux Government School where there were behavioral problems and violence

5. Direct intervention at the Reverend Espitalier Noel Government school in the context of behavior problems of children

6. Consultative services at other primary schools through specific programmes, in the context of handling severe behavior problems of children

7. Setting up and running of a Centre D’Eveil et de Développement du Jeune Enfant et des Parents (CED) for children aged 0 – 8 years old

i) for deprived families of Albion and Canot – follow up of to be mothers, nursery services to 21 children aged 3 months – 3 years, pre school services to 70 children aged 3-5 years and a primary school follow-up program (accompagnment programme) to 45 children

ii) for deprived families of Flacq – 36 children aged 3 months – 3 years

iii) for deprived families of Grand-Bay – 33 children aged 3 months – 3 years      

iv) for deprived families of la valette, Bambous - follow up of to be mothers, nursery services to 36 children aged 3 months – 3 years, preschool services to 50 children aged 3-5 years and accompagnment programme to 19 children of primary age

v) for female detainees at Women prison in Beau bassin. 15 children aged 3 months – 5 years.

8. Setting up a senses park, the Jardin D’Eveil, for children from NGO’s, public preschools primary and lower secondary schools visit our Facebook page

9. Setting up and running of a self-help projects for deprived families of the community. They relate to

i) laying hens

ii) back yard gardening
iii) mushrooms cultivation

iv) literacy programmes

v) handicraft

vi) job seekers programmes

10. Training centre

The organization runs MQA-approved training centre with approved programs in

i) Early childhood care, education, development and protection,

ii) Special needs education,

iii) Alternative care,

iv) Psychoanalytical thinking,

v) Art therapy

vi) Learn through play

11. Students on placement from Universities

The organization welcomes students from universities for their practical placements through appropriate memorandum of understanding and acts as focal organization for placement of students at other NGO’s in Mauritius.

12. Volunteers

The organization has a volunteers’ scheme aimed at harnessing resources to support its actions in a variety of ways depending on the capacity and the specific time schedule of the volunteer.

The annual budget amounts to Rs 31 millions per year. 

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  • Président
    Rajendra Coomar Reedha
  • Responsable
    Alain Muneean
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    Camp Créole, Albion

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