Environmental Protection and Conservation Organisation (EPCO)

Environnement et développement durable

Environmental Protection and Conservation Organisation (EPCO) is a local environmental NGO in Mauritius. Our primary goal is to protect and conserve the environment so as to allow our future generations to enjoy it. We do this by implementing different types of projects in different thematic areas around the island. We mainly deal with terrestrial, freshwater, marine biodiversity and climate change projects.

Numéro d'accréditation auprès du National CSR CommitteeNCSRF/0333
  • Awareness campaigns with the public – Disaster Risk Reduction/Climate Change
  • Educational campaigns with primary and secondary schools
  • Event management and organization – World Environment Day/World Wetlands Day/World Biodiversity Day
  • Workshops on wide range of environmental problems (climate change, marine ecosystem, environment awareness)
  • Poverty alleviation projects/Community-based projects
  • Scientific and technical projects
  • Data collection – Beach monitoring, snail trail of destruction, vulnerability indexes
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Projects
  • Consultancy on environmental management
  • Internship/Volunteering Programmes
  • Handmade/recycled crafts (Made in Heaven)

Environmental Protection and Conservation Organisation (EPCO) was founded in 1987 even before the creation of the Ministry of Environment in Mauritius. It was then registered with the Registrar of Associations on 24th of November 1988, under the provisions of the Registrar of Association Act, 1978, Government of Mauritius, Indian Ocean.

  • To protect and conserve the environment;
  • To educate the people of Mauritius about sound environmental management;
  • To control the proliferation of Invasive Alien Species in our ecosystems;
  • To prepare and educate grass root communities to adapt and overcome climate change related disasters;
  • To restore ecosystem services which was previously not well managed.


2018 :

Adaptation to climate change – Improve domestic water supply system by providing potable water storage tanks to poor coastal community villages of Mauritius – Funded by Canada Fund for Local Initiative (CFLI)

2017 :

  • Promotion of green jobs in Mauritius - making wise use of IAS Chinese Guava Wood for social innovation and job creation for the poor - Funded by HSBC and ENL.
  • Integrating Adaptation to Climate Change into Poverty Reduction Efforts - Moka Villages, Mauritius - Funded by Canada Fund for Local Initiative (CFLI)

2016 : 

The Barachois Project – An aquaculture community-based project to contribute to the enhancement of the ecological integrity of the Grand Port lagoon (found in the south of Mauritius) by promoting sustainable management and use of coastal and marine resources with the support and participation of the traditional fishers’ community with the support of GEF-Satoyama Project.

2015 :

Bicycle Rally Campaign - Ride for the Planet - Global Power Shift Mauritius - In collaboration with the Ministry of Youth & Sports, the Ministry of Environment – Around 100 participants – To promote the use of recycle materials and also to reduce our carbon impact on the Environment. The participants were given recycled material to decorate their bicycle with clear messages on how to adapt to climate change.

2014 : 

‘Cocoponic’ – The use of coconut fibres to produce fruits and vegetables in Agalega.

2013 :

‘Coco nu la vie’ – The use of coconut by-products to manufacture tourist handicraft items.

2012 :

  • ‘Lekol Fam Pecheur’ – A training centre for wives of fishermen living below poverty line, where they are trained to produce handicraft items using naturally discarded waste product - with the support from 9th European Union Fund through the Decentralised Cooperation Programme (DCP)
  • Vivo Energy – The distribution of free household gas tubes to replace old ones. Around 3000 were distributed to selected rural areas around the island. The poor marginalised were the ones targeted. It was an initiative of Shell Mauritius.

2009 :

‘Protection of Environment’ day – in collaboration with Grand Baie & Poudre D’Or Organising committee

2008 :

  • Made in Heaven Project launched – with the support from 9th European Union Fund through the Decentralised Cooperation Programme (DCP)
  • Exposition ‘What is Climate Change?’ – in collaboration with Riviere du Rempart College and with the support of UNDP/GEF/SGP

2007 :

  • Halting the snail trail of destruction - with the support from 9th European Union Fund through the Decentralised Cooperation Programme (DCP).
  • Exposition ‘Biodiversity and Climate Change’ – in collaboration with Bamboo college and with the support of GEF/small grants programme
  • Study on beach erosion at Flic en Flac and impact of Gamede cyclone on Pereybere Public beach

2006 :

  • ‘The production of artificial burrows using discarded concrete electric poles’ – with the support of UNDP/GEF/SGP
  • Sensitization campaign at Rivulet Terre Rouge Estuary Bird Sanctuary on the occasion of ‘World Wetland Day’
  • Determination of the vulnerability of coastal villages to extreme weather conditions – with the support of small grants programme and Global Environment Fund (GEF)

2005 :

Beach monitoring at Butte a l’Herbe and Mont Choisy Public beaches in collaboration with St Jean Scouts and St Jean Parish Club

2004 : 

Campaign against the use of aluminium cans

2003 : 

Campaign against the use of Plastic bags – in collaboration with MEDCO trinity college

2002 : 

Carnaval with theme ‘Anou pren compte nu l’environment’ (awareness campaign ‘being responsible towards our environment’)

1994 :

  • Awareness campaign/sand castle competition to promote the importance of our white sandy beach done at Pointe aux Sables – in collaboration with the municipality of Port Louis
  • Exposition aimed at raising awareness on the Environment – in collaboration with the municipality of Vacoas/Phoenix

1992 :

Environment week – in collaboration with Trinity College

1991 :

Environment week at Montagne Longue

1990 :

Awareness campaigns at public beaches (Mont Choisy, Flic en Flac) on the use of public bins and keeping our beaches clean, installation of signboard ‘Our beaches are our pride, keep them clean’

1989 :

Workshop at Montagne Longue ‘Man and his immediate environment’

1988 :

Cleaning of Mont Choisy Public beach – in collaboration with Medco trinity

As a non-profit, EPCO runs on CSR funds (5%), international donations (70%), individual donations and own funds generated through shop sales (25%).

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