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In relation to Rodrigues which has it peculiar culture of drug abuse (mainly alcohol), Crac Anti Drug Group has laid down 5 stages of intervention which require must emphasis in the management of the drug abusers. These stages which were identified with the help of other NGOs in Rodrigues in 1993 are as follow:-

  1. Proper and prompt intervention at emergency stage
  2. Proper “detoxification” method
  3. In patient special care with the participation of the “Reseau” of professional
  4. Prompt admission and follow up in half way home
  5. Home level follow up after discharge from hospital


Our Vision:
“ A drug Free Rodrigues”

Our Mission:
“To mobilize and put together all resources whether financial, infrastructural, technical etc… so as to realise our vision

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  • Centre D’Accueil et Rehabilitation,
    Centre Gabriel.

Numéro d'accréditation auprès du National CSR Committee

A committee of 13 members, which hold the office for two years, manages the organization. The major axes of intervention of the organization are:-

  • Information
  • Prevention
  • Treatment
  • Rehabilitation and reinsertion

The group also has a team for service ambulatoire for home level follow up of patients.





In the field of prevention, activities like massive sensitization campaigns in villages, clubs and specific groups like sites of work, heath centres and dispensaries etc… are regularly being organized. Also a program is organized on a fortnight basis on radio in the intention of the whole population. Crac Anti Drug group also carry out systematic anti drug activities in primary, secondary schools and among trainees of basic Education for Adolescence. A programme officer is responsible for the organization of these activities and same is implemented jointly by the social workers.



Treatment is our second axe of intervention. The work force of Crac Anti Drug Group consists of 30 members, among whom are eight qualified nursing officers. Among these nursing officers, five of them have received advanced training in management of substance abuse in France, Belgium, Reunion Island. Certain patients requiring on going special care, (e.g. those with hallucination or critical ill) are referred to the general hospitals and are visited daily by our members. In the field of treatment there is also our “service ambulatoire” which is ran by the social workers. This consists of treating and rehabilitating patients in their respective “milieu”.



Some therapeutic activities like information on drug abuse, group therapy, indoor games, discussion around film, group relaxation, video group, cooking, gardening, light physical exercise, rearing of animals etc… are organized in the intention of the treated patients.



There is no definite line of demarcation between rehabilitation and reinsertion. Certain annex services like firms, caritas and other institutions are solicited for help to our patients in view of bettering their condition of a living. These helps could be decent accommodation, offer of employment, supporting certain productive activities etc…. However, if a good and complementary program of rehabilitation is respected, the reinsertion of the patients is easified. In the same line several projects have been set up in the intention of the treated patients.  Furthermore, the treated patients are encouraged to join the Association des Anciens Buveurs so as to better consolidate their abstinence.  The treated patients are also offered the possibility to exploit the plot of land put at the disposal of the NGO for mixed farming activities at Vars Brule and Mte Goyaves.

The group has been created in 1987 by a group of Rodrigues college students. The aim of the group was to inform the population about the consequences of drug abuse in general. They undertook preventive activities throughout Rodrigues. At this time the group was named ‘Club Anti Alcool de Rodrigues’. By time with evolution the group has enlarged and other members have  adhered to the NGO. The Association was registered in January 1995 with the Registrar Association. Actually Crac Anti Drug Group is the sole NGO in Rodrigues which is fighting actively against drug abuse.

  1. To take over and continue the treatment already started at hospital especially behavioural e.g Group Therapy, ‘Renarcissisation’ individual psychotherapy, occupational therapy etc…
  2. To fill the gap between treatment in hospital and home level follow up
  3. To strengthen the conviction of the ‘Treated’ patient in their abstinence and thus reduce the relapse rate.
  4. To participate actively in the fight against drug abuse in Rodrigues at large.

Strategic goal : 
“Within any sufferer there is a part of ourself, thus giving a helping hand to him / her is helping ourself”

Centre Alcoologie « Paille en Queue »

In January 2001 the European Union approved and financed a project for construction of the Centre Alcoologie Paille en Queue, in view of bringing a complementary treatment to patients suffering from alcohol and drug abuse.

 Aims and objectives:-

  1. To provide a human and complementary treatment for patients suffering from alcoholism and other drug addiction in Rodrigues
  2. To decongest the general (multipurpose) ward of Queen Elizabeth Hospital and make sure that alcoholics and drug addicts are given into to and holistic treatment in an environment free from the harassment of the public and other patients of a general ward.
  3. To help actively in the reduction of the number of drug addicts especially alcoholics in Rodrigues society by offering (I) appropriate facilities for correct admission and detoxification (ii) in patient special care and rehabilitation
  4. To contribute in the welfare of families affected directly and indirectly by alcohol abuse, which is a real scourge and source of many social ills in Rodrigues.
  5. To centralize care for alcoholics and drug addicts and thus discourage hazard and incomplete treatment of such patients also with a view to create eventually several antennaes of drug reduction units throughout Rodrigues. The Centre Alcoologie is a referred centre for addicts. The court of justice often refers victims of addiction to the centre for a treatment program instead of sending them into prison


Duration of stay

The duration of stay in the centre should be 4 weeks. Patients should be prepared prior to admission. Several session of premotivation and motivation should be organized in the patients before they are admitted in order to prevent relapse. However, the centre may accept any patient in case of emergency especially psychiatric cases in their acute phase. This is made possible due to its proximity to Mont Lubin Hospital and its availability of professionals within the NGO as mentioned above.

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