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17 mars 2023 T1 Diams

Contact : | Shabneez Nurmahomed | 54975581

Therapeutic Case Worker cum Social Worker

We are looking for a Therapeutic Case Worker cum Social Worker at T1 Diams, the NGO providing multidisciplinary support to people living with Type 1 diabetes in Mauritius and Rodrigues Island.

Job Description:

  • For the above-mentioned position, we are looking for a professional social worker to help and serve our beneficiaries who are living with Type 1 diabetes.
  • Cases will be handled by phone or in person.
  • You will be in charge of assessing beneficiaries and gathering relevant information about their cases, providing crisis intervention, and contacting and making referrals to other agencies and services accordingly.


  • Contribute and collaborate with multi-disciplinary team for bio-psychosocial follow up.
  • Make sure beneficiaries are following the protocol when it comes to handling their diabetes.
  • Promote the rights of type 1 diabetics among the community through advocacy interventions.
  • Establish a relationship of trust and respect with beneficiaries & ensure follow up at school/work to enhance integration and acceptability.
  • Work in close collaboration with the Bio-Psychosocial coordinator and the Counsellor.
  • Assisting beneficiaries in receiving services by telephone and in person.
  • Assisting beneficiaries in decision making regarding educations, vision, skills, goals, career, interest & values.
  • Liaise with & refer beneficiaries to public and private health services and social services Getting beneficiaries involved in beneficial activities.
  • Set and determine targets in agreement with beneficiaries (including confidentiality).
  • Ensure individual follow ups for social and moral support
  • Assessing beneficiaries and gathering relevant information.
  • Offering information and supporting beneficiaries and their families.
  • Contacting and making referrals to other agencies and services.
  • Maintaining accurate records and preparing reports.
  • Participating in training, supervision, and meetings.
  • Provide crisis intervention.


Deadline : 2 April 2023

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