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30 oct. 2023 Foyer Père Laval Social Worker on 3 months contract, renewable

Foyer Père Laval (FPL) is a residential care home, located on Nicolay Road in Port Louis.
It provides caring for boys aged between 8 to 17 years old.
We are looking for a Social Worker.
The Social Worker will be responsible for coordinating with institutions (schools, governmental bodies, regulatory bodies and stakeholders) for the protection and welfare of the children.

- Provides assistance and support to children so that they have access to care, education and health services
- Ensures and enables Case Management

- Should like to work with children who may display challenging behaviour
- Be over 28 years old
- Lives in the region of Port Louis or its surroundings
- Should have a Bachelor degree.
- Previous experience is a plus.
- Have a Certificate of Morality 1 position

Send your CV to:
Mrs Edwige Yagapen

Deadline : 30 November 2023

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