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Contact :  4641157/ 5925-1469

Manager SEN School & Day care Centre

The candidate will be responsible for the managing of the daily activities of the SEN Schools and Day Care Centre and ensuring that all beneficiaries with special needs get the support and help required.


1. Higher School Certificate.
2. Bsc (Hons) Management
3. A Certificate in Educational Management with specialization in Special Education Needs from the MIE; or
4. Alternative recognized qualification at least Level 5 on the National Qualification Framework in Educational Management with specialization in Special Education Needs.
5. Computer literate 6. Possess good communication skills (both written and verbal) and interpersonal skills. 7. Prior experience in similar position of not less than 3 years will be an added advantage. 8. A clean certificate of character.

1. Managing of all administrative activities.
2. Ensuring that MMHA operates in accordance with the statutory regulations and laid down policies and procedures.
3. Ensuring timely payment of all bills, salary or any other related payments.
4. Ensuring the proper, complete and up-to-date records of all employees, beneficiaries and financial transactions.
5. On time submission of budget to concerned authority.
6. Ensuring adequate funding, financial management and controlled spending.
7. Writing of projects and looking for potential sponsors.
8. The Maintenance of assets and conducting yearly inventories and checks.
9. Holding regular meetings with staffs.
10. Working with pedagogical staffs to plan educational programmes.
11. Responsible for the recruitment process and performance appraisal of all employees.
12. Liaising with parents to discuss of any concerns.
13. Fostering a culture of safety.
14. Any other cognate duties as may be assigned by the MMHA Board.

Salary commensurate with experience.
Candidates should email their CV to Board secretary on not later than 15h
on 30th April 2023

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