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24 Jun 2022 Gender Links

Contact: Sheistah Bundhoo Deenoo;
Senior Programmes & Finance Officer

Gender Links is looking to recruit a “Project Coordinator”

The Project Coordinator has a key role and assigned responsibilities to ensure the smooth running of this two year programme in the South East region of Mauritius targeting 100 women fishers.

1. To coordinate, manage and monitor the progress of an entrepreneurship programme targeted to reach 100 women fishers
2. Conduct business counselling sessions
3. Develop tools and implement social counselling session
4. Conduct regular social assessments of beneficiaries in terms of: Health, Nutrition, Education, Housing, Family Budget Management etc.
5. Design a Mentoring Plan and supervise a group of 13 mentors who will also work on the project
6. Organising, attending, and participating in stakeholder meetings: Organise monthly meetings with associations, members of village councils, NGOs and faith based organisations
7. Develop and provide training to a group of 13 mentors on entrepreneurship and climate justice
8. Reporting including monthly report of activities, financial reports (where applicable) & other admin work.
9. Provide a mentoring support to entrepreneurs to start/ implement their businesses.
10. To ensure entrepreneurs are linked to local economic opportunities in different village councils
11. Ensuring project deadlines are met as well as ensuring that the project adhere to frameworks and all documentation is maintained appropriately
12. Assess project risks and issues and provide solutions where applicable

Education and Skills:
• Bachelor’s degree in management, entrepreneurship, sustainability or a related field
• 2 – 3 years of working experience in the field of entrepreneurship and/or climate justice
• Experience of working with fishers will be advantage
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Excellent communication skills
• Attention to detail

South East region of Mauritius

Apply by latest 29th June 2022 by sending your CV and motivation letter by email to:

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