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21 nov. 2022 TIPA (Terrain for Interactive Pedagogy through Arts) Artistic and Pedagogical Facilitator

Since 2007, TIPA conducts art workshops in ZEP schools to encourage vulnerable children to understand and express their emotions, to think critically and discuss ideas and opinions in a positive learning environment, based on mutual respect.
Aiming to reach even more children, we are therefore recruiting an Artistic & Pedagogical Facilitator for a one-year contract. 

TIPA's pedagogy focuses on the interaction between the child, their teacher and their parents.

Key functions:

  • Organization and conduction of art workshops
  • Collaboration with teachers, volunteers and other stakeholders
  • Follow-up and reporting on art workshops and children’s progress
  • Communication with Terrain Coordinator, the school direction, and any other stakeholder as necessary
  • Support to the organization’s events and activities such as fundraising events, trainings, workshops, communication campaigns, etc.

Qualification and experience:

Degree in Arts, Teaching Arts or Education 3 years of relevant working experience, including:

  • Development and implementation of artistic activities
  • Group management and teamwork

The following competencies will also be considered:

  • social and community work, work with children, art practice as leisure, capacity to adapt to change, open-minded.

What can TIPA offer you?

An opportunity to develop skills in using Art as a means to foster lifeskills and citizenship values in children, and develop an expertise in a participatory and valorizing pedagogical approach.

You will evolve in fulfilling work environment with a creative, committed and complementary team.

Send us your CV and cover letter by email on

Your cover letter must show a real interest in the position.

We expect you to describe WHY you feel called to be TIPA’s Artistic and Pedagogical Facilitator, and HOW you would like to contribute to to TIPA’s mission, to innovation in the Mauritian education system and to advocacy on Child’s rights.

Closing date : 12 December 2022

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