OpenMind est une ONG de service de santé mentale opérant, depuis 2010, pour des personnes souffrant de troubles psychologiques avec un programme d’aide psychosocial centré sur l’art-thérapie, l’hortithérapie et l’écothérapie.

En mars 2018, OpenMind  lance le premier service pédopsychiatrique de Maurice et, depuis, se spécialise dans le « Mental Health Care »  avec un programme de soin pour enfants et adolescents avec une équipe thérapeutique  pluridisciplinaire constituée d’un pédopsychiatre,  de psychologues, de psychomotricienne, d’orthophonistes et d’art-thérapeute.


OpenMind is a Non-Governmental Organization providing, since 2010, for the welfare, capacity development, social skills and re-adaptation of psychologically distressed persons through Art Therapy, Hortitherapy through organic agriculture & Ecotherapy.

OpenMind operates the unique Child Psychiatry Service of the country with a   therapeutic team composed of a Child Psychiatrist,  Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Psychomotor Therapist and Art-Therapist.

Numéro d'accréditation auprès du National CSR CommitteeNCSRF/2017/0169

Mental Health for Children & Adults : Psychological Disorders

> Addressing social, psychological, cognitive, and behavioral factors: the role of psychosocial and interpersonal skills in the development persons suffering from psychological disorders, from their earliest years through adolescence and into adulthood.
> Delivery and evaluation of quality life skills programmes as per Neuropsychogical & Psychological Assessment for: emotional intelligence; academic & professional goals; cognitive abilities; anger management; anxiety & depression.
> Providing services to meet the essential psychological, emotional, physical, and social needs of the youth in a secure and humane environment.
> Therapeutic services that are provided: individual psychological, neuropsychological & psychiatric assessment, psychological sessions, therapeutic workshops, individual counselling, group counselling, crisis counselling, family & school interventions




516 bénéficiaires directs et le double en comptant les familles et proches
55 bénéficiaires directs et 140  bénéficiaires indirects en comptant les familles

“Ensuring a safe haven with therapeutic services for the Integral Development, Alleviation of Distress and Social Reinsertion of Children, Youngsters & Adults suffering from psychological disorders”

OpenMind adopts as its primary object to provide for the welfare, social skills and re-adaptation of psychologically distressed persons – children, youngsters & adults. It does so in a unique and innovative approach: OpenMind advocates and provides psycho-therapeutic services as a means of treatment, rehabilitation and empowerment of the beneficiaries.

The major outcome of the programme is the welfare, rehabilitation and social reinsertion of beneficiaries by the alleviation of psychological distress, relief of behavioural symptoms and social inclusion.
The method and approach of OpenMind therapeutic services are customized and therefore does not allow for mass treatment of beneficiaries in abstract mode. Therefore, there is a tailor made programme of services and the time that it requires to produce results on an individual in that area of work, varies from beneficiary to beneficiary.

> Alleviation of psychological distress and acquisition of self-esteem and self-reliance.
> Children back to school
> Development of Life Skills
> Rehabilitation of the children/ youngsters in order to help them to develop necessary practical skills to cope with the daily challenges of life.
> Disciplined children & youngsters in the community
> Changes in terms of attitude, conduct and behaviours
> Good conduct in schools/colleges, at home and in the community
> Increase regularity at school & Academic progress and success in their study/training
> Cope effectively with familial problems and hence lessen the occurrence of conflicts
> The development of the social skills and the re-adaptation of youngsters excluded from any form of economic activities
> Enhanced capacity development for social inclusion
> Cognitive capabilities developed such as memorization & concentration as well as reading and writing skills
> Sense of responsibility inculcated depending on age, level of maturity and relationship with the caregivers, family, and school
> Health enhanced through therapeutic activities such as in Food Programme or hortitherapy – “a healthy mind in a health body”
> Opportunity provided to the beneficiaries to work in an environment conducive to their self-development
> Instilling in the Beneficiaries recognized level of self-confidence, and self -esteem,
> Reintegration in the mainstream society including within their family, social, work and school structure
> Psychosocial enhancement : Functional families result in a functional society.
> Since March 2018, OpenMind operates the unique Child Psychiatry Service of the country with a therapeutic team composed of a Child Psychiatrist,  Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Psychomotor Therapist and Art-Therapist.

> Relief of psychological distress
> Recovering of their emotional balance and self-esteem
> Development of Life Skills
> Improvement of their quality of life
> Autonomy improved facilitating their social inclusion
> Developing the Beneficiaries’ skills that are geared for potential economic activity capable of generating an income for self- sustainability.
> Empowerment of the psychologically distressed persons
> The development of the social skills and the re-adaptation of youngsters and adults excluded from any form of economic activities with the result that they step further down in their incapacities with increased dependence on the family or society for their means of livelihood.
> The regain by the beneficiaries of self-confidence and attainment of a satisfactory degree of empowerment process that is measurable albeit over time.
> Reduction of discrimination and stigma against psychologically distressed persons
> Improvement of beneficiaries’ psychological state and the alleviation of their distress through a healthier lifestyle and outdoor activities.
> Enhancement of the skills set and employability of psychologically distressed persons after training

Budget annuel : Rs 5,8 millions

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