M-KIDS Association


i-Monthly food assistance program
ii-Tuition fees support for remedial education
iii-Meals & blankets distribution project for the homeless
iv-Clothing collection & distribution for children of Rodrigues
v- Medical check-up for the elderly and vulnerable groups

Numéro d'accréditation auprès du National CSR CommitteeN/1624

i- The Monthly Basic Foodstuff Programme to 60 families
ii-Extending Educational Support Programme
iii-Medical Assistance to Vulnerable Elderly Programme.


- Fulfilling the basic needs of 40 vulnerable children and families.
-Increase rate of literacy and numeracy among 40 vulnerable children.
-Early diagnostics of diseases and adverse medical conditions among 40 vulnerable children and their families.(60 families) 

M-Kids Association began informally as a youth club in 2002 in Camp-Chapelon. A group of concerned youths began to feel worried at the spread of drugs in the area and the inability of many of their friends to pursue their studies due to lack of funds. After several meetings, they began to launch sensitization campaigns on drugs abuse and child poverty. Gradually, their membership began to rise and their influence began to be felt as more and more events were organised. In 2010, M-Kids was duly registered and since then several ministries, namely Youth and Sports, Arts and Culture and Gender

i-To provide basic foodstuffs, on a monthly basis, to 25 highly vulnerable families in Mauritius and 15 families in Rodrigues.
ii-To deliver remedial education programs to 25 children (of primary schools) with learning and behavioural difficulties and support the tuition of 10 secondary schoolchildren.
iii- To conduct 2 medical check-ups per year and 2 health awareness campaigns for vulnerable children and their families.

i-25 vulnerable families in Mauritius and 15 in Rodrigues
ii-25 primary schoolchildren with learning difficulties and 10 secondary schoolchildren

i-Members’ contributions
ii- Donations & sponsorship
iii-Fundraising activities

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  • Président
    Imaam Arshad Joomun
  • Responsable
    Nawsheen Chummun
  • Adresse

    151,Volcy De Senneville,Camp Chapelon, Port-Louis, Mauritius

Structure légale et d'enregistrement
Date of Registration: March 2010 Registration Number: 11495
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