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Based in Tamarin, we are dedicated to the renovation, rehabilitation and valorisation of national heritage sites (Martello Tower Museum) as well as the endemic reforestation of the Petite-Montagne also known as the Citadelle Native Re-vegetation Project.

Numéro d'accréditation auprès du National CSR Committee3120
  • Project management in environment.
  • Education and sensitization.
  • Support of vulnerable groups.


The primary beneficiaries of our reforestation project are the communities living close to the restoration area with a broad spectrum of all social classes including groups under the social register of Mauritius (SRM) and the listed vulnerable groups as defined by the charter of the National CSR Foundation.

Friends of the Environment (FoE) is a non-governmental organisation which has been active over the past 38 years in many spheres where the environment (Citadelle Native Re-vegetation Project) and national heritage sites (Martello Tower Museum) are concerned.

  • Act to restore and protect biodiversity
  • Act to conserve and improve the environment
  • Act to preserve national historical and heritage sites

We have worked on the ‘Restoration and Valorisation of the Citadelle of Port-Louis’ project, under the Tourism Authority with a team of experts comprised of architect, historians, archaeologists and ecologists that has led to the historical restoration and valorisation of the Citadelle heritage, now serving as a platform for tourism, education and leisure purposes. These activities were extended to the restoration of the native vegetation of 1 hectare around the Fort, while preserving the historical value of this heritage site. That is, a pilot project ‘Creating a native Green Space at the Citadelle of Port-Louis’ was conceived and implemented by Friends of the Environment in 2010 with the support of the GEF-SGP, UNDP, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Tourism and Leisure, Tourism Authority, Bioculture Mauritius LTD, Fondation Ressources et Nature (FORENA), Lions Club of Curepipe and Rotary Club of Port-Louis for an area located on the southern flanks of the Petite-Montagne. A site assessment was conducted by experts through an ecological survey to determine the prevailing vegetation of the hill in view of providing some background details on any remnant or part existence of site specific native species. Furthermore, in 2015 a Bachelor degree thesis was carried out over 8 months on site to determine the growth, maturation and mortality of native plants in the area undergoing ecological restoration.

With site specific experience on improved techniques of restoration acquired from the pilot project, we continued this noble endeavour in collaboration with the Currimjee Foundation over an area of 1 hectare on the dryer and more challenging northern flanks of the hill since July 2015. Our experts, Dr Claudia Baider and Dr Vincent Florens – the project managers – are supervising and directing the revegetation project since 2010 along with the project coordinators which are qualified biologists. The project still aims to work with various targeted groups through a hand-on approach about the challenges and solutions to the major environmental problems, making the reforestation project a sustainable integrated-community project in the short, medium and long term. Since 2018, Mover for Arts LTD (PORLWI) is collaborating with us for the One Beat One Tree project where digital trees were grown during the PORLWI by nature festival. The digital trees were and are still being physically planted on our restoration sites.

  • CSR Funding - Currimjee Foundation
  • Donations - Move for Arts LTD (PORLWI)
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  • Président
    Mr Philippe La Hausse de la Louvière
  • Responsable
    Mr Erwin Amavassee
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    Allée des Flamboyants, Tamarin (90910), Rivière Noire

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