Fondation Cours Jeanne d'Arc


Provide primary education to students considered as "weak". 

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  • St Patrick's School, Leon de Froberville Street, Curepipe

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Apporter une éducation de qualité pour tous, indépendamment de leur niveau et de leurs capacités et basée sur des valeurs humaines.

Cours Jeanne D’Arc was launched in 1927 by Mrs Marie de Mazerieux and was dedicated to children considered as “weak”.
In 1982, after the death of Mrs Mazerieux, Fondation Cours Jeanne D’Arc was created by former students and her family members.
In 1998, it was renamed “St Patrick’s College” to pay tribute to St Patrick’s College of Ireland who was our main sponsor at that time.

  • Enable students who were condemned to exit mainstream education due to CPE results being insufficient or to non-adherence to PSSA regulations to receive an acceptable level of education
  • Fight against social exclusion
  • Bring these students considered as “weak” to the highest possible level of education based on human values.
  • Provide special classes to ‘autrement capables’ (autism, ADD, hyperactive etc)
  • Contribute to poverty alleviation through education

We provide care for students with special needs.
The college accommodates students, whatever be their financial situation:

  • Suffering from dyslexia, autism, ADD and other cognitive disorders
  • Having slight mental incapacity/attentiveness difficulties
  • Being over-aged according to existing PSSA criteria
  • Having behavioural problems
  • Having difficulties to adapt themselves to classes of 40 pupils (traditional system)

Après Pre-Voc” project : As from end of 2010, we have launched this unique project in Mauritius, for those needy students having ended their 3 year course in pre-vocational college.

The following facilities are provided to those children entering our school:

  • Individual attention
  • Teaching adapted to their level in each and every subject


  • Most of them are expected to achieve minimum of “GCE O Level”
  • To enable those children to be autonomous

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    Michel Chasteau De Balyon
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    Jean Jose Bax
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    St Patrick's School, Leon de Froberville Street, Curepipe

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