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13 mai 2022 Fondation Georges Charles

To apply :
Tel : (230) 234-1926 or (230) 234-1603

Vacancy for the Post of Driver/messenger

Candidate should:
(i) possess the Certificate of Primary Education;
(ii) possess a valid driving licence (manual gear) to drive cars or vans or minibuses
(iii) have a basic knowledge of mechanics and simple vehicle maintenance
(iv) have a good eyesight as being attested by a medical certificate
(v) at least 3 years’ experience will be an advantage

1. To drive the FGC vehicles and mini bus for the conveyance of pupils and staff and visitors, materials and equipment in connection with the activities of the Fondation

2. To carry out simple checks/maintenance tasks including
(a) checking of radiator or overflow tank for water level and filling up with water, if necessary;
(b) checking of engine oil level and topping up, if necessary and reporting any unusual oil consumption;
(c) checking of fluid levels of brake master cylinder and clutch master cylinder and topping up, if necessary;
(d) checking wheel nuts for wheel tightness and checking of all wheels including spare wheel for the tyre pressure and uneven/abnormal wear;
(e) monitoring mileage run/period vehicle is used, and inform the officer in charge of transport when servicing is due;
(f) washing and cleaning the vehicle’s body and interiors;
(g) ensuring that the interior of the vehicle is kept clean at all times and free of dust;
(h) checking of battery electrolyte level and topping up, as and when necessary; and
(i) checking of all lights, horn, wipers, brake and clutch to ensure that they are in good working condition.

3. To report any defect observed to the officer in charge of transport and take vehicle to workshop for repair/servicing, as instructed by the latter.

4. To attend to minor repairs such as cleaning of spark plugs, replacing of fuse or bulb, changing of tyres and making arrangements for mending of punctures in the event of breakdown on the road.

5. To help, whenever required, the mechan


Deadline : 27 may 2022

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