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14 mai 2019 PILS Short term consultancy: Human Resources Management

Call for Proposals: Short-term consultancy to support PILS in the area of Human Resources Management

Background information :
PILS is a non-governmental organisation created in 1996 and is dedicated to the response to the HIV & AIDS epidemic at the national and regional level. Our team is comprised of around 35 staff members.
PILS recently devised a new strategic plan (2019-2021) which underscores the need to update its policies and procedures related to human resources.

Duration of work: This consultancy will be on a 3 months contract (10th June 2019 -10th September 2019) renewable after review.

Requirements for consultant/firm: Any individual or firm interested in this call for proposals is requested to submit a detailed costed proposal, including specific objectives, methodology and proposed work plan related to deliverables mentioned in paragraph 3 above. Applications should be sent to

Deadline for Submission: 31st May 2019.

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