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26 juil. 2019 Indian Ocean Disability Network Short-term consultancy


The Indian Ocean Disability Network (IODN) originated during the Regional Conference organised by DCP/EU in March 2014 in Mauritius.
The IODN has since then obtained a first grant from the DCP/EU and implemented a project comprising a national study on disability, launching a website for enhanced information on disability and organizing a regional conference for sharing of best practices.
During the data collection related to the study, a field visit in Rodrigues brought forward conclusive qualitative data about the lack of expertise and capacities of institutions in Rodrigues to adequately respond to their population of people with disabilities (PWD).
Thus, the IODN decided to cater for this gap with an NGO-driven capacity building project for the various stakeholders of the island - “PROJET HANDI-CAP RODRIGUES”.
This project is funded by DCP/EU and co-funded by the HSBC.
The overall objective of the project is to create synergy among stakeholders and ensuring PWD access adequate services to be economically, socially and psychologically empowered.
This project focuses on transferring expertise from Mauritius to Rodrigues so that the stakeholders over there have increased capacity to deliver services to PWD.
17 participants were selected to participate in five training sessions in Rodrigues and one internship and study tour in Mauritius.
The training sessions have been completed, as well as screening sessions of PWD in Rodrigues.
The internship will take place in August 2019.
The IODN is seeking an external evaluator to assess the project and give future recommendations on the way forward for the sustainability of the project.

Scope of evaluation:
The main objective of the evaluation is to assess the direct and indirect results and outcomes from the project, as well as gauge what long-term impacts could derive from the activities.
The consultant will also be required to evaluate the process used to set up and conduct the project, as well as list recommendations that the IODN can put forward in sustaining effects of the project in Rodrigues.
The data collection will be held in Mauritius between the 18th and 26th August, and the final report will be presented to the IODN on the 30th of August.
Data collection methods will include a desk review of relevant documents which will be provided; and interviews/focus groups with key stakeholders (funders, members of IODN, participants, project manager and officer, hosting NGOs and other relevant institutions).

Duration and timeline of evaluation:
The evaluation will take place between the 15th-31st of August 2019.
The consultancy will last 10 working days, including preparation, conduction of data collection, analysis and report writing.

1. One full report in English in Word and PDF detailing the findings and recommendations of the evaluation
2. One PPT in French summarizing the key findings and recommendations Interested applicants should send their CVs and motivation letter detailing their relevant experience, daily fees and availability over the given timeframe to by the 6th of August.

Contact : Nadia Peerun
54 22 5091

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