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11 janv. 2021 Association Kinouété Recruitment of Consultancy Services

Call for Proposals Recruitment of Services
– Association Kinouété is seeking for a team of consultant to assist us in:
• Program Assessment and
• Development of 2021-2025 Strategic


Association Kinouété is a Non-governmental organisation engaged in the rehabilitation and reintegration of current and former inmates as well as juvenile offenders.
The aim of Association Kinouété is to build safer communities by promoting autonomous citizens through a person-centered and sustainable approach in view of reducing the rate of recidivism amongst its targeted population.
We intend to embark on a program assessment with the ultimate objective to strengthen the quality of our programs and services and improve outcomes for the population we serve.

Program assessment

- Improve our program’s effectiveness.
- Improve program services.

Objective of the programme assessment consultancy:
- To review and evaluate and document achievements, effectiveness, relevance and efficiency the overall performance of the rehabilitation and reintegration programs inside and outside detention settings in relation to achieving the intended results.
- Document strengths, weaknesses and lessons learnt

Expected deliverables:
- Final output is expected in report format which should be submitted in English language.
It should provide substantive evaluation against
1) indicators as outlined in different project work plans, and
2) the mission and vision of the organisation.
The report should be structured in terms of issues and related findings, assessment of performance, description of best practices, conclusions, learnings, recommendations and/or scenarios.
- Learning from this assessment will feed the work of the consultancy for the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan.
The assessment should be strongly focused on recommendations for improvement relating to the central questions outlined above, and in particular
– if and how activities and performance could be adapted to better meet the needs of our target population.

Strategic Plan
Objective of the strategic plan consultancy:
- Based on the recommendations and outcome of the programme assessment, to identify and strategically focus policy, planning and program implementation in a 4-year time frame related to the target population needs and services.

Expected deliverables are expected to be as follows:
- A formalized written document to be submitted in English outlining clear vision and mission statement, organisational resources and arrangements to meet Kinouéte’s goals and strategic objectives for the next four years.
- Targets and objectives in term of outcome and impact together with a fully costed strategic plan starting June 2021 – ending June 2025
- A plan to realise the new organisational arrangements.
- Capacity needed to advance our mission through coaching and mentorship.

Key Activities Include:
- Facilitation of strategic planning meeting with internal and external stakeholders
- Drafting and costing of Strategic Plan
- Drafting Organisational Structure

Indicative schedule of activities:
- Programme assessment – starting the 15th February ending 19th March 202.
Final report with recommendation to be submitted on 19th of March 2021.
- Strategic plan – starting the 22nd of March 2021 ending 17th of May 2021

Mission – team composition:
It is anticipated that the consultancy team will comprise of the following:
- 1 consultant for the program assessment
- 1 consultant for the strategic planning (Lead Consultant)
The two exercises are to be carried out separately.
The deliverables from the program assessment will provide documentation and input to the strategic planning process.

Qualifications and competencies:
- Minimum 5 years of experience in similar assignments, implementation / evaluation of projects/programmes, developing and supporting program management infrastructure;
- Minimum 5 years of proven track record in the development of strategic plan for NGOs
- Solid understanding of impact and performance indicators;
- Demonstrated ability to assess complex situations in order to succinctly and clearly distil critical issues;
- Must be a self-starter and be able to work independently with excellent demonstrated teamwork, coordination and facilitation skills;
- Excellent analytical and report writing skills;
- Good people and communication skills;

Applications should be sent by e-mail to
Submissions should include:
1. An up-to-date CV of consultants to be involved.
2. Short overview demonstrating the consultants experience in similar assignments and technical skills requirements (no more than one page)
3. Description of proposed approach with a detailed timeline
4. Proposed budget

Deadline to submit your application: Wednesday 3rd February 2020

Contact :
Wensley Emilien

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