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01 avr. 2019 Mauritian Wildlife Foundation Pink Pigeon Assistant Project Coordinator

Project background/ purpose
The Pink Pigeon recovery programme has seen the restoration of this endangered species from only 10 individuals in 1990 to over 470 individuals in 2018. In the last 30 years, an integrated management approach of captive breeding, releases, habitat restoration, supplementary feeding and predator control has been applied. There is one subpopulation of Pink Pigeons established on the offshore island of Ile aux Aigrettes and six more in the Black River Gorges National Park.
Two of these sites, Pétrin and the Lower Black River Gorges, are open to the public and the birds can easily been seen. Additional subpopulations have been established in areas of good quality native forest habitat, in the Ferney Valley and Ebony Forest.
This has increased the area occupied by Pink Pigeons and will help increase the population size to over 600 birds, a figure believed to be the minimum viable population size for an avian species.
To provide birds for the additional subpopulations and to provide genetic diversity to the current populations, a captive population of Pink Pigeons has been set up at the Gerald Durrell Wildlife Endemic Sanctuary.
The offspring of these birds are being released into the wild. It is planned to re-introduce birds from European zoos with genes that are missing or underrepresented in the wild on Mauritius to join the captive population for breeding purposes.

The position

The Pink Pigeon project employs a team of staff and volunteers dedicated to the conservation and recovery of the Pink Pigeon. The Assistant Project Coordinator (APC) supports the work of the Pink Pigeon Coordinator (PPC) and would be responsible for certain aspects of the project which are delegated and would deputize for the PPC in their absence.
These could include some staff and volunteer supervision, training, volunteer recruitment and report writing. The APC would be responsible for the management of at least one sub-population of Pink Pigeons. The work would normally be supported by a volunteer. This field work would involve monitoring to identify which birds are breeding, supplementary feeding, nest location and monitoring, predator control, disease screening & treatment, bird handling including ringing of birds and collection of morphometric measurements, post mortems of both predators and dead pink pigeons.
This is an exciting opportunity to work with a species and a project that is known internationally amongst conservationists.
The population of Pink Pigeons is nearing our target of 600 birds and we are embarking on genetic management via captive breeding to boost the productivity and survival of the birds. We have an ongoing tracking study to identify where birds nest and where they fly to which will inform our management. We have an extensive data base which also informs management of the birds and provides opportunities for publication of studies. In addition you will have the opportunity to learn about many other conservation projects first hand and interact with eminent conservation scientists.

Qualifications / requirement

We are looking for applicants that have the following qualities/experience:

  • Minimum a BSc in Conservation Ecology, Zoology or related subject or 5 years relevant conservation experience.
  • Previous experience on the Pink Pigeon Project or other similar projects.
  • A thorough understanding of the key aspects of the project including the importance of supplementary feeding, predator control and population monitoring.
  • Ability to work in a team of up to 12 staff and volunteers, manage sections of the team and deliver training in all aspects of the project including predator control, disease monitoring, ringing of birds, post mortems, report writing and population monitoring.
  • Ability to run the team in the absence of the Pink Pigeon Coordinator
  • Ability to work on your own in remote and rugged locations. The weather in Mauritius can change rapidly and may turn from bright sunshine to heavy downpours without notice.
  • Bird/animal handling experience. Bird ringing licence would be useful.
  • Ability to produce detailed and accurate reports using Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Good Human Resources Management skills and ability to cope under pressure
  • Full, clean driving licence. Experience of 4x4 off road is an advantage.
  • Practical experience with problems involving vehicles, solar power systems etc. Is an advantage.
  • Knowledge of radio tracking and GIS technology.
  • Experience working in a multi-cultural environment.

Summary of terms and conditions of employment
Terms and conditions:

The contract issued for this position would be for one year. The position is open immediately but for an overseas candidate a work permit will be applied for with a start date of around September 2019. Other conditions will be further discussed at interview.

Provided Transport:
Provided for work purposes

Location: Island of Mauritius / Mauritius

Hours of work: 195 hours of work per month

Policies and procedures: We have policies designed to ensure the well-being of both workers and volunteers e.g. Accommodation, vehicles etc.

Recruitment & Selection process
The selection process will involve short-listing and to fill in a questionnaire upon which a Skype interview for international & face to face for local applicants will be held.

How to apply
Please send a motivation letter quoting the job reference and your CV to the HR at and
Selection will start as from 10th April 2019 and continue until the positions are filled.

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