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13 janv. 2020 MAURITIUS MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION Occupational Therapist

A Degree in Occupational Therapy from a recognised institution.  


(i) Carry out diagnostic exercises at the MMHA (Mauritius Mental Health Association).
(ii) Examine and provide treatment to children with problems.
(iii) Undertake individual follow-up of children.
(iv) Provide advice to parents and support them to continue exercises with the children at home.
(v) Train the Manager, Educators and other skilled staff working/to work with children.
(vi) Carry out sensitization and information sessions in schools.
(vii) Refer cases detected to the appropriate specialists for treatment, where necessary.
(viii) Work in team with psychologist and social worker of the MMHA.

24 January 2020

Mrs Naddy COOWAR
465 9508 | 464 1157

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