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20 nov. 2018 WORLD LIGHT Looking for a part time nutritionist

World Light is a Residential Institution for children under 10 years old. We are looking for a Part time Nutritionist. Candidates should possess a degree in Nutrition from a recognized institution or a degree in Home Science or Home Economics from a recognized institution together with a postgraduate qualification in either Dietetics or Diet therapy from a recognized institution.


  • Evaluate the dietary needs of the children by assessing their health and exercise levels, sleep and food habits etc.
  • Clarify information to carers and explain the effects of nutrients on overall health condition.
  • Offer counseling and suggest positive alterations in nutrition to address children dietary restrictions
  • Create full and personalized nutrition plans that promote healthy lifestyles of the children.
  • Make presentations on a variety of topics such as how nutrition affects performance in sports, schools etc.


  • Proven experience as nutritionist
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Creativity and critical thinking
  • Degree in nutritional science, dietetics or relevant field
  • Valid license to practice the profession

Deadline : 20th December 2018

Contact : Mrs Selvina
Email :
Tel : 4271494 or 4270372 (call between 9 a.m and 4 p.m)

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