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22 janv. 2019 Elles C Nous Association Cook (Part-time)

The Association is looking for a part-time cook to come 3 times per week (Tuesday | Thursday & Saturdays from 1.30 p.m to 5.15 p.m).
The cook will have as responsibility to teach our children to prepare cakes, puddings and some basic menu on Saturdays.

Requirements : 
* Candidate should be more than 25 years old and residing in or around the Plaines Wilhems region
* Candidate should possess the necessary certification/qualification as a professional cook. 

Deadline to apply : 22nd February 2019

Contact: Elles C Nous Association
Address: 8, Bis Serge Alfred, Beau-Bassin
Email address:
Office Number: 464-4554

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